Working (out) from home

A word from the manager

One of the few things that hasn’t changed recently is the recipe for feeling good. At Glasgow Club we know if you can be active and seek out good food to keep you moving, you can alleviate stress and worry. You’ll also improve sleep quality and boost your immune system, putting you in a better place, not just for yourself but for everyone you care about too.

Official advice recommends against non-essential contact and all unnecessary travel, working from home if you can, which means our routines are changing. Sharon, our health and fitness manager and her team of experts are coming up with ways to help everyone keep feeling part of the Glasgow Club and the benefits it brings, even if you’re mostly in your house. It means a different way of doing things, but we want to help you get through this, to keep the fitness you’ve worked hard to gain and encourage you if you’re just getting started.

Please read the 5 Things Before You Start below, then enjoy what we’ve put together for you. Keep coming back here to see what’s new. Feel free to share this page with friends and family, and share your photos and videos of you working(out) from home with the hashtag #GlasgowClubTogether

Remember to check NHS advice if you think you have any symptoms linked to coronavirus.


Bob Peck
(Membership & Infrastructure Manager)

5 things before you start

MOST IMPORTANT: Only exercise if you feel well in yourself

We can only provide ideas and advice on how to exercise. Only you can decide what’s at the right level for you, how much of it is sensible and when to stop or avoid pushing your body altogether. There is nothing to be gained from “pushing through it” – better to recover fully from any coughs, colds, flu etc. So check NHS advice if you think you have any symptoms linked to coronavirus.

Start gently, Build-up gradually

In circumstances like these, you may have had a few days away from your normal routine or be taking your first steps to exercise in a long time – too much too soon could set you back, so consider taking it gently, perhaps start with a daily brisk walk, or, if circumstances mean you’re stuck in the house completely, start with some of our tips for an equipment-free home warm-up. You don’t need to do a full-scale workout to start feeling the benefit and you can increase the time you spend exercising a little at a time.

Routine is key

If you always came to the gym or a class at a particular time, hang on to that habit if you can – it will be easier to maintain an existing routine than create a new one.

Buddy Up!

If we’re being responsible we’re all engaging in social distancing, but evidence tells us there is huge benefit to making a commitment to a friend. You’re both more likely to stick at it, so if you can, why not get in touch with someone you would normally work out with or just someone you know that could do with a boost? Agree to work out in your own homes on the same day/time. Call each other up and remind each other. Email, message, get on FaceTime or Skype so you can see each other and chat while you exercise. Share your home workout efforts with the hashtag #GlasgowClubTogether

Remember the little things

Whether it’s in the gym or studio, out for a walk or run, or confined to the living room, the benefits of exercise take time to see and feel. Don’t expect overnight transformations but focus on the small things. You might sleep a bit better, not find yourself worrying quite so much, crave some healthier food or just get a little bit better at something. These are the little improvements that, if you look out for them and celebrate them, can help you keep going and achieve a big change!


To help you stay active when it’s not possible to visit our venues, we’ve teamed up with Les Mills and you can now enjoy access to over 800 LES MILLS™ On Demand workouts FREE for 30 days. Simply click below to get started.

When you sign up you’ll be asked for payment details, but won’t be charged for the 30-day trial. If you want to continue beyond that, you’ll automatically become a paying subscriber at a special Glasgow Club rate of £7.94 a month instead of the usual £11.95. Please note the trial is valid for new subscribers only.

Online "LIVE" Classes

We know you’re missing your favourite instructors (they miss you too) so you can use the Online Classes button in our app or tap the button below to take part in live streaming classes and see the timetable. These are also available on our Facebook page and if you miss (or want to repeat) a class it’ll be available on-demand in the Home Workout Videos section soon afterwards.

Home Workout Videos

Missed a live class? Looking for fantastic home workouts which don’t need any equipment? Here you'll find all this and more in easy to follow videos  covering everything from core and abs sessions to yoga and stretching and intense HIIT cardio.

Yoga & Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are both a great antidote to the aches and pains that can come from spending more time sitting if you’re working from home and from tension, and stress during challenging times. Fantastic for boosting your mental wellbeing as well as getting a break from work or other responsibilities when you’re stuck in the house, we’ve put together some sessions you can follow whenever you like.


Being physically active is an essential ingredient of our health and wellbeing whether you’re older, a mum-to-be/new mum or looking for low-impact and accessible activity. If you’re not as fit as you once were or think more gentle exercise is for you, then here are some ways to get and keep yourself moving.


If you’re a parent then right now you’re almost certainly in the uncharted territory of trying to keep everything on track in your household, perhaps with work too, whilst staying indoors much if not all of every day, while also trying to ensure that your child stays safe and well. So here are some tips on how to keep yourself and your kids moving while maintaining a social distance during the coronavirus lockdown.

Mental Wellbeing

If you have to stay at home because of coronavirus (COVID-19), it's important to take care of your mind as well as your body. You may feel bored, frustrated or lonely. You may also be low, worried or anxious and it is OK to feel like this. We’ve put tips and resources together to help you keep on top of your mental wellbeing. Make sure you get further support if you feel you need it.


If you need something to aim for to help get you moving then our gym team can help - they’ve been working away to create challenges that will give you a goal that’ll push you to stay active. 

Getting Outside

Unless advice changes, you can absolutely still go outdoors for a walk, run or cycle. Read through the latest official advice on social distancing and general hygiene first and stick to it, but at the time of writing, there’s no need to stay stuck indoors if you’re well enough.

We’ve got tips on getting started with walking, running and cycling...

Offers & Discounts

We know many of you have been looking to buy equipment or want to work out in different ways so we've worked with partners and friends to find access to ways to help and hopefully save you some money!